SLX 400 Christening Event

The SLX 400 – Sea Ray’s “Entertainer,” just became exactly that for the Visone family. John and Susan Visone celebrated the christening of their new SLX 400 “All Tuned Up II,” on June 23rd surrounded by family and friends at the Lush Resort on Possum Kingdom Lake.

The SLX 400 is the Visone family’s 3rd Sea Ray. Prior to the SLX 400, John and Susan owned an SLX 270, then one of the first SLX 350s on the market and now the first SLX 400 in Texas. According to John, the reason for this growth in the size of boat was due to the growth of their family, the growth of their love of the water and the desire to share that love of the water.

John and Susan’s sons have lovely families of their own, but it’s clear that boating is one family activity that they all love. The children climbed aboard “All Tuned Up II” with ease and comfort, despite rather windy conditions, resulting in rougher than normal lake conditions.

“When my kids were young, I gave up golf so that I could spend more time with my family.” John noted that their “first” family boating activity was fishing – bass fishing to be exact. John was determined in those early days of bass fishing with his family that their children would learn boating skills, in addition to fishing skills. He commented that “I taught my kids to tie knots and when they could handle knots with their eyes open, they learned to do it blind folded. Not only that, but from a very young age, my kids could back a trailer into the water for launch and load with confidence.”

When asked what Sea Ray life was like, John said, “We typically take the kids out on the weekends with us. We have a very young family, and the best thing about the SLX 400 is the cabin down below paired with the facilities of a sport boat. It’s a boat that our family can grow into with tubing, water sports, wake boarding or whatever. During the day, our grandchildren are able to go down below and take a nap in the air conditioning. I was telling Susan earlier today, this boat is the perfect size for what we do. To watch the kids go down below and take a nap means that we’ve got all day on the water – it becomes our perfect day. That’s what it’s all about to me. Some people say birds of a feather stick together – I say boats and families float together.’”

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