The Good Life

A Cigar Executive Savors Time On His Sea Ray Sundeck, Using The Boat To Combine Business And Pleasure.

For Javier Estades, Altadis USA’s GM of Premium Cigars, the good life isn’t just about the finest rolled tobacco; it’s about the water. Born on the Spanish island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea, Javier has traveled the world tasting some of the most legendary cigars, but it’s enjoying one on his 260 Sundeck that really makes the experience for him and his wife, Paloma. In a shrewd trade, she gave her blessing to upgrade to the Sundeck from their beloved 215 Weekender in exchange for the new boat bearing her name, which also means dove in Spanish.

A man who appreciates the finer things in life, Javier was first drawn to Sea Ray for its sterling reputation within the boating industry. He says his current Sundeck’s open-air construction is a dream for the sunny waters near his home in Fort Lauderdale.

“Living in Florida is a wonderful and unique experience. In Spain, I spent a lot of time in Madrid. It’s very different here,” Javier shares. “Our Sea Ray gives us a really fantastic and unique lifestyle. We can cruise all day and take the boat out to dinner even. It’s quite an experience because it fits so well into our life here.”

Always the consummate host, Javier doesn’t keep the pleasure of his Sea Ray all to himself. A typical day on the water has Javier and Paloma entertaining friends onboard. “We like to go out to sea and go fast on the boat,” he says. “We’ll invite friends and show them around, just relax with some cigars.”

As for the perfect smoke for a day on his Sundeck, that’s easy: Javier says the Montecristo Espada really hits the spot. He explained that the cigar is the first Montecristo made in Nicaragua with nothing but 100 percent Nicaraguan leaf cultivated by the famed Plasencia family. Javier says the width of the cigar provides an optimal rate of combustion for perfect smoking. Undoubtedly it’s a special luxury that pairs well with Floridian sunshine.

It’s not all play, though; Javier has a job like the rest of us, but he says the Sundeck makes any long hours worth it.

“We all work so hard in life, but having the boat makes my life easy and exciting. It’s so fun. A nice cigar in paradise? That’s the moment of my whole week. It’s nice to just take time and enjoy where we live”


As for any future adventures, Javier says the Florida Keys are on his to-do list—just taking some days off and going from one marina to another enjoying the azure waters. We couldn’t agree more, as long as he brings his Sundeck and the cigars.

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